Restaurant Catering Service in Hanoi

Being obsessed with the noise of crowded places, or simply want to hold a private party at your own house but still able to enjoy delicious dishes as in the restaurant, you are at the right spot, Grandma’s Restaurant - a Vietnamese restaurant in Hanoi will be the first choice for you when it comes to hiring a caterer for your party, or event. 

Catering service in Hanoi

Grandma’s Restaurant is a Vietnamese restaurant located in the heart of Hanoi. The restaurant cuisine emphasizes the balance of flavors and fragrance as well as texture and color. Grandma’s provides a variety of Vietnamese dishes that will cater to all unique taste buds. This is definitely a casual yet sophisticated spot for simple eats, family dinner and events. 

Grandma’s core competence is not only good food, but also excellent catering service at home, events and parties. If your are searching for a restaurant catering in Hanoi for your birthday party, conference, event, don’t hesitate to call Grandma’s Restaurant via hotline: 0916 018 535.

Professional service


Each customer will have a different perception of what good service means to them. Beyond a restaurant which serves authentic Vietnamese food, Grandma’s is also your companion in every event and party. We are trying to understand the needs of the customer and tailor our service to suit your needs.

Whether it’s a party at home, an outdoor company party or celebration, you’ll receive the best out of anything. 

We’ll bring our good food, cutlery and eating utensils to your party. Moreover, if you’re too busy and can’t have yourself preparation for flower, decoration, sound and light, we are here to help you. With a large network of partners who also work with us to implement even the most unusual requirements. 

Diversified catering menu

With menus that are specially made for events, you’ll get a wide selection of Vietnamese dishes, with our professional and enthusiastic service. Additionally, for any conference which expect to have tea break meal, or fast food for birthday party, we could also meet your needs. 


Efforts to maintain high standards of food and service define Grandma’s Restaurant in the field of event catering in Hanoi. We affirm that all cooked ingredients are clean, fresh and safe so they do not have to worry about food hygiene.

Passionate catering staffs

Supported by a team of professionally trained, enthusiastic and hard-working people who make every event successful, while always maintaining a direct approach, ensuring that all aspects of your event is easy and smoothly from first till the end.

Finding restaurant catering service in Hanoi, contact us right now to get the best offer for your party. 

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