Luxury restaurant in hanoi

Referring to luxurious restaurants in Hanoi, Hanoi remains fairly down-to-earth. Although this means that truly high-quality dining spots are in short supply, it also keeps the prices very reasonable even at the city's top restaurants. French cuisine dominates the field, but other dishes, including Vietnamese, are starting to make their presence shine.

Grandma Restaurant - a Luxury restaurant in hanoi.Ranking as one of the best restaurants in the Old Quarter by TripAdvisor.

Luxurious restaurant in Hanoi

Luxurious restaurant in Hanoi

Wanna dine in an elegant ambiance while savoring the most delicious authentic Vietnamese dishes? Save the name “Grandma’s Restaurant - a luxurious Vietnamese restaurant” to your Hanoi restaurants’ list.

Grandma’s Restaurant is conveniently located in the middle of the Old Quarter, where customers can enjoy authentic Vietnamese cuisine in a nostalgic setting. 

Grandma’s Restaurant has sweeping views across the Old Quarter. Maybe it’s not considered to be fine dining in vibe or price, but it’s stand out most other Vietnamese restaurants in town. Otherwise, the ambiance and decór bring a luxurious feeling to all diners. The interior is inspired by the traditional Hanoi houses such as floral floor, wooden stairs,... 

It’s not only the interior design that makes this restaurant be luxury but also dishes served here. This is where the familiar Vietnamese dishes are upgraded to gourmet dishes that still bring a traditional feel.

Luxurious restaurant in Hanoi 

The menu of this luxury restaurant is various. It’s a combination of many local specialties across Vietnam, so it will a perfect stop for travelers to experience different flavors of Vietnamese cuisine.

Don’t miss a chance to come here for a quiet and comfortable night in an elegant decoration of Hanoi style. 

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