Fine dining restaurant in Hanoi - Grandma's Restaurant

Fine dining restaurants are popular around the world. While each gourmet restaurant has its own style, they all share some common characteristics. With precise attention to detail, impeccable execution and exceptional service, every fine-dining restaurant is geared towards the ultimate experience. And while today's high-class cuisine has evolved into a blend of cuisines and eclectic concepts, many aspects of the premium experience remain the same.

What is fine dining?

A fine dining restaurant has a formal atmosphere and usually provides patrons with superior food and service. These restaurants offer wine lists, and sometimes sommeliers to help combine food and wine. They also have dress code in most cases. 

All fine dining restaurants are determined by the high quality of the three factors mentioned above. Obviously, the higher the quality, the higher the cost when eating at one of these restaurants.

Fine dining restaurant in Hanoi

Grandma’s Restaurant: redolent of the tradition in complex setting.

Hanoi - the capital of culinary delights, where street food is mushrooming all over the pavement, it’s hard to find a fine dining restaurant.  If you are a gourmet who wants to try Vietnamese cuisine in an elegant atmosphere, Grandma’s Restaurant will be your destination.

Grandma’s Restaurant combines authentic Vietnamese cuisine with the ambiance of fine-dining. Situated on Duong Thanh District, once stepping into the Grandma restaurant, you will find you love the cozy atmosphere. The interior space of the restaurant matches the majesty outside with a modern yet rustic arrangement inspired by traditional and historical tastes.

The menu at Grandma's restaurant includes a variety of authentic Vietnamese dishes that are the combination of traditional skills and modern techniques that bring out the best, as well as the exquisite combination of flavors and textures that can only come from refined generations. At Grandma’s Restaurant, cuisine is not only a summary of the nature of the past but also about innovation and which is better to play than the nation's favorite?

Let Grandma word for you a timeless journey with signature dishes like four-season salads, Grandma pancakes, Grandma spring rolls, fried chicken with lemongrass and chili or stewed duck breast with dracontomelum in clay pot. Typical wines are well combined with Vietnamese cuisine. After a long journey, Grandma from afar will be a favorite place for your first dinner in Hanoi, cozy like your grandmother's house.

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