Must-try restaurants in Hanoi Old Quarter

1.Grandma’s Restaurant: cradle of Vietnamese culinary style

Grandma's attractiveness is to redefine the traditional dishes of the Northern people. You will have the opportunity to experience classic but advanced and developed dishes, highlighting the style of Vietnamese dishes.

When entering Grandma’s restaurant, you will find yourself loving the cozy atmosphere. The interior space of the restaurant matches the exterior majesty with a modern yet rustic arrangement inspired by traditional and historical tastes.

The menu at Grandma’s Restaurant includes many authentic Vietnamese dishes perfectly prepared to best suit the original flavor of Vietnamese cuisine and still fit international tastes. Moreover, the restaurant provides vegetarian options for veggies or those who want to refresh their diet. 

Let Grandma’s gives you a journey through time with typical dishes such as four-season salad, Grandma’s pancake, Grandma’s deep-fried net spring rolls, wok-fried chicken with lemongrass and chili or stewed duck breast with dracontomelon in clay pot. Typical wine is well combined with Vietnamese dishes.

A special feature which draws attention of most foreign tourists is  folk music performances every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday from 19:00 to 21:00. Live Vietnamese musical performances on the monochord (dan bau) and Vietnamese two-chord fiddle (dan nhi) accompany your meal. After a long journey, Grandma’s will be a favorite place for your first dinner in Hanoi, cozy as your Grandmother’s home.

Grandma’s Restaurant

  • Address: 6A Duong Thanh, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi
  • Tel: 091 601 8535

2. Opera Garden Restaurant: new Indochine-styled breeze

Opera Garden Restaurant is an exquisite restaurant located on Trang Tien district. Inspired by Opera House’s architecture, Opera Garden Restaurant adopts the outstanding features of Indochine style and it epitomized a mini-theater.

However, Opera Garden always give prominence to blending harmoniously the concept of Vietnamese and Western, so even though towards Indochine style, the restaurant is indispensable to the modernity of the West.

What best illustrates this combination is its internal design. Overall the interior is not only equivalent in shape but also in color, making the dining space become elegant, friendly and extremely elegant.

Diners who come to the restaurant will be treated with emblematic Western and modern Vietnamese dishes. Opera Garden provides a wide range menu option from menu set to a la carte menu. 

On every Friday nights, embark on a musical journey at Opera Garden’s bar with a classic martini or refreshing signature of champagne while listening to live performances by local musicians. 

This restaurant is really a charming rendezvous like in romance novels, romantic like sweet candy and equally luxurious with modern Indochine style.

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